Kameymall is the right online store for you

Hi my dear, time seems to be flying and we are already approaching the end of the year, it is simply another year and it is all about that and less about what matters. 

One way or another I think this passage of time and the lack of empathy and joy for what we have is added to the current situation, when everything is bleak and is limited only to figures. It’s like little matters to the person themselves.. It’s just a graph and a schematic that shows this lack of affection for the one next to us. 

I could also say that we have earned our weight and that we no longer care about our neighbor but only what we and that we must be well. But although it is a subject that needs to be debated and quite interesting I today want to talk about something else, but which in one way or another has somewhat direct connection with the current situation

Many of us have focused on online shopping and that is why I am looking for new online stores that can provide us with a wide range of products, perfect for purchasing several products from the same place. In short, something like a Mall but in the online environment. 

1. New users can directly get $10 for universal.

    US$20 off on US$300

    US$25 off on US$500

    US$40 off on US$1000

2. Kameymall has lots of prmotion, discount and flash sale activities from time to time.



reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kameymall/


In our help come the people from Kameymall, it is exactly as I said above, in the mall in the online environment that provides us with a lot of products. I had the opportunity to browse (so to speak) the site and I can say that I found many interesting products and at prices quite ok. 

Because I am the kind of person who likes to know where to buy from and of course I learned what I have to check the return policy of the store, I looked at the bottom but also at the different pages attached to the site. 

What caught my attention and why I ended up writing to you about it, is that at about us you can find a pretty detailed history. With useful information that can help you make a decision. Specifically the decision of whether to order or not. I for one have read and noticed that they are quite transparent, and for this on my part they have a big plus. 

It is important from my point of view that the one who has an online store, either small or large, has a transparency and the desire to be fair. We already know that many times the parcels are lost on the way to the destination, but unfortunately it is not the merchant’s fault because he, out of the desire to be fair and to make that customer come back, he sends the parcels. But once out the door of the store, he has no guarantee that everyone who gets in touch with that package will behave with it in the same way. 

You can also find useful information on the page blog.kameymall.com here you will find as many interesting things as on about us, I for one have recently started to read these pages, because I often find interesting ideas on how you can combine different items of clothing but also what is worn this season. I think it is important that when choosing to order from the online environment to take into account this aspect as well. To be sure you know what store it’s all about, about return policy. 

That being said, in pandemic conditions and not only I think it’s important to know where we’re buying different things from and to always have a backup and always buy what we need so we don’t get even worse demoralized. Choose with confidence and enjoy every day because time passes quickly and in the future we may regret that we did not do it in time. 

Wear high heels and feel good

Hi my dear, we are official mid-year and we are moving quite quickly towards the other half of the year and that is why I think we have to step with the right shoes.

I think it is important to enjoy what the future holds and to wear beautiful quality shoes that change our mood.

Of course you’ll say that heeled shoes are uncomfortable and you’re right but today I found some interesting models while I was looking for sexy shoes, I’ll show you what caught my attention and invite you to tell me your opinion of my choices.

I’ll admit that for me they’re too high and I don’t think I can go on such sandals, but I can’t help it and I always dream that at some point I’ll have the strength to wear them and I’ll walk gracefully, not like a rate in shoes as I walk in the present. I think these shoes are for those women who know how to wear them and who look very good on them even though they have walked a long way and are tired.

Also in the category of sexy lessons I thought and sexy heels, as graceful as those presented above are and what below, but still in the same vein you must know to be able to such shoes, only so you will have the desired effect and you will not make a fool of yourself.

I like these shoes because they’re elegant, I like that back bow and I admit I’d wear them with love. I also like the ankle bar, gives them a special elegance and makes them special. I believe that if you can go with heels you have to do it in a big style, enjoy the wide range and choose different types of heel.

That said, I invite you to visit the store and see what amazing products they have, to tell me what you think about my choices and whether you can wear heels. I for one have focused on sports shoes but I think it is never too late to change direction and wear elegant or heeled shoes.

Look perfect on your wedding Day!

It is true that we have been through a rather ugly and difficult period, but one way or another we are beginning to notice the little light of hope and we have the courage to think about the future, that’s why we want everything to return to normal we decided to talk about events and what it means outfits for different special occasions.

I don’t know if I’ve talked to you about this store but I think it’s time to do it now and show you what a wide range of dresses and amazing products they have for this important event in a person’s life.
I heard of this store from a friend, so I searched AW Bridal wedding dresses, her great was amazed when I opened the site. I’ll show you some models although I find it very difficult to decide on some so I want to start with a specific category before I start with a specific category to ask you to visit the online store because it is impossible not to find something that is to your liking. Let’s start what you think.

I also found as an extension of this store AW Bridal and Vera Wang, from here I will show you a superb model.
Models a little atypical but who says that all have to choose those classic models, that’s why you present the model below.

Also an extension of the online store shown above is David’s Bridal, here instead we find classic but equally beautiful models. Models for voluptuous women but also for women with well-defined forms. An example is the dress shown below

That being said, if you are getting married this year and still do not know which model to choose, I invite you to visit these online stores, here you will surely find a model to your liking.

That said, what do you think of the models I’ve chosen? And at the same time I’d like to know if you’ve postponed the wedding for the year ahead or do you think everything will go back to normal and we’ll be able to enjoy these wonderful events

Looks fabulous with sculptshe

Hi my dear, spring has come and with great disappointment I can say that I failed the performance to reach the number of pounds desired.

Every woman dreams of reaching a number of pounds when the summer season approaches to look flawless in her new swimsuit but when this is not possible we have to find alternative solutions to avoid getting depressed.
I’m not kidding, the extra pounds are cause of depression for some women, which is why I think it’s very important to know these tricks, ways in which we can look good in a dress or in a suit that we’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Today I want to present you best shapewear for women, and implicitly the site of the sculptshe. The online store that comes to our aid, to those with extra pounds and who are not satisfied with the necks in the waist.
I’ll show you a model and I’m going to tell you why I chose this model and of course I invite you to see other models. The site has a wide range of products and affordable prices so this is a perfect reason to buy from this online store.

Another range that caught my attention is this 3in1 waist and thigh trainer reviews. I consider them important and often choose to read them, especially if it is the first time I order from that store. I also make sure to check the table of sizes, to make sure that what I order is appropriate, and I can tell you that another important section is that of returns, we have to take this into account to make sure that we have no surprises in case of one errors.

In conclusion this is my desire for an enviable body, although many of us want those standard measures of 90-60-90, we already know that it is not possible but that does not prevent us from looking good and feeling comfortable and sexy in our skin. I for one choose these products to make sure that I look phenomenal in my new dress and that I won’t be upset or stressed that i see those unsightly cocolets.

Programează-te la salon cu Stailer chiar azi

Stailer a apărut din dorința reprezentanților de a facilita programările la salon, indiferent de serviciile de care vrei să beneficiezi. Cred că nu de puține ori ai pățit să vrei să mergi la salon pentru o schimbare de look pentru că voiai să îți faci ziua mai bună, dar nici un stilist nu era liber și ai renunțat la idee. 

Fiecare eveniment important din viață necesită pregătire timpurie și grijă la detalii. Din acest punct de vedere ai nevoie de specialiști în domeniu care să îți ofere coafura mult dorită și un make-up inedit, care să reziste în toate acele ore de dans, arătând în același fel. Dacă până acum era greu să obții o programare la salon, acum totul este mai simplu cu ajutorul Stailer. 

Cum poți face o programare chiar azi?

Pentru a realiza o programare este nevoie doar să accesezi site-ul www.stailer.ro și să selectezi din listă serviciile și informațiile relevante. Acestea sunt despre gen, serviciul dorit, ora, data și orașul. După setarea filtrelor pagina va afișa lista cu disponibilități de unde poți selecta foarte simplu stilistul care se pliază cel mai bine pe dorințele tale, după poze, salon, listă de prețuri și multe altele. Toate acestea apar în dreptul fiecărui stilist disponibil.

Platforma activează momentan doar în 5 orașe mari ale țării, precum: Iași, Timișoara, Oradea, Cluj și București. Totuși sunt planuri de extindere și în alte mari orașe ale țării. Poți uita de buclele realizate acasă care se lăsau până ajungeai la eveniment sau de rujul care depășea conturul alături de mascara scursă în jurul ochilor. Acum poți arăta impecabil la fiecare eveniment, indiferent dacă este pe ultimul moment, cu ajutorul Stailer.

Servicii complete pentru bărbați și femei

Platforma este disponibilă pentru oricine, astfel, atât femeile cât și bărbații pot beneficia de servicii cu ajutorul Stailer. Dacă ești interesat de servicii de styling pentru barbati in Iasi poți găsi foarte repede salonul potrivit, la care poți merge chiar azi. Alături de acest serviciu poți opta și pentru un pensat sau aranjat barbă pentru a arăta impecabil. 

Platforma are inclusă Google Maps astfel încât să găsești imediat salonul, fără să te enervezi din cauză că nu găsești locația din prima. Dacă îți faci cont poți beneficia de un reminder care să te anunțe când ai programarea pentru că este foarte firesc să mai uiți. Tot cu ajutorul lui poți să vezi toate saloanele la care ai fost și serviciile de care ai beneficiat pentru a merge din nou dacă ai fost mulțumit. 

Accesează platforma pentru a realiza o programare la salon oricând și pentru mai multe informații trimite e-mail la adresa support@stailer.ro. 

Lolita style shoes: A perfect piece for an incredible look

Currently, one of the trends that is beginning to take off in all corners of the world is the Lolita style, this refers to a subculture of Japanese origin with aristocratic influences from past centuries, its aesthetic mixes youthful innocence with femininity in an incredible way.

Since the 1970s it has captivated the tastes of millions of people, initially in Japan, but with the advent of technology and the massification of its culture throughout the world, the Lolita style is now a global fashion statement worn by young and old who want to experience an amazing look.

No matter what Lolita style you choose, Sweet, classic, Gothic, country, among others there is a perfect combination for you in the wide range of products offered by Lolitain.com

An indisputable piece of the Lolita style, without a doubt, is the Lolita shoes, which manage to complement your outfit for any occasion. There is a great diversity of styles and models that you can choose from to give that personal touch you are looking for in your Lolita look.

At Lolitain, you will find the most complete and beautiful selection of shoes with the Lolita style of today.

You can choose between the Sweet Lolita Shoes, high heel platform sandals and combine them with Lolita Bows or other options that we will discuss in this article.

Cherry Blossom Shoes: What are they and how can I combine them?

In the Lolita culture, there are several options and possible combinations to complement each look, among the Sweet Lolita Shoes that have caused great sensation are the Cherry Blossom Shoes which emerge as a beautiful option for those who love cherry, its patterns and inlays allusive to this achieve an angelic and innocent aesthetic, and can be combined with the same style dresses.

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Orez oriental – Zi de amidon – Rina 90

Buna draga mea, azi pentru mine este zi de Amidon, zi in care am voie sa mananc orez, cartofi, fasole, linte, quinoua, mazare, soia, naut, porumb boabe, sau porumb intreg – acela pe care-l fierbem sau il coacem.

Daca de obicei aleg sa consum cartofi in diferite forme, fara prajiti, ei bine azi am ales sa mananc orez. Si am cautat o reteta pe internet pe care am gatit-o pentru a se potrivi dietei dar si gustului meu.

Imi place aceasta dieta ca poti manca alimente gustoase si delicioase si astfel nu mori de foame. Hai sa incepem!


  • 120gr de orez – ceea ce inseamna 80gr la pranz si 40 de grame la cina.
  • ciuperci
  • jumatate de ardei rosu
  • doi morcovi mai mici
  • ulei de masline
  • curcuma
  • ghimbir
  • sare si piper
  • ceapa verde si ceapa uscata
  • patrunjel
  • apa

Este destul de usor de facut si iti pot spune ca este foarte gustos. Am spalat orezul, si legumele. Am clatit ciupercile – am folosit din acelea la borcan, apoi am curatat doi morcovi mici, ceapa verde si cea uscata si am spalat patrunjelul.

Am tocat ceapa, ardeiul si morcovul asa cum il vedeti in poza de mai sus, merge taiat si cubulete, dar mie imi place asa.

Am pus putin ulei la incis, intr-o tigaie care care nu se lipeste, apoi a pus ceapa la calit, peste care am adaugat ardeiul, morcovul si ciupercile. cand s-au calit cat de cat am adaugat orezul si apa. Am acoperit totul cu un capat si la nevoie am mai pus apa, pentru a fi sigura ca orezul este fiert.

Cand orezul a fost aproape fiert am adaugat curcuma si ghimbirul, sare, piper si delikat. La final pentru aroma si culoare am adaugat patrunjelul tocam marut.

Iti pot spune drept ca a iesit delicios si foarte aromant, am avut alaturi o salata alcatuiata din salata verde, rosii, ridichi, ceapa, sare si piper, ulei si otet.

Avem voie o lingura de grasime pe zi, pentru ca atunci cand am calit legumele pentru orez nu am folosit foarte mult ulei, am pus si in salata mea destul de putin.

Aceasta a fost reteta pe care am incercat-o azi si cu siguranta pe parcurul celor 90 de zile o voi repeta, sper ca atunci sa realizez un video pe care sa-l prezint pe youtube.

Rina 90 – Vitamine

Buna draga mea, desit ti-am ramas datoare cu articolul legat de Rina – ziua de vitamine, dar iti voi spune in mare despre ce este vorba si cum merg lucruri in ziua de vitamine.

In primul rand trebuie sa stii ca este ziua a patra, si ca in aceasta zi ai voie sa mananci din doua in doua oare. Ceea ce ma sperie si pe mine m-a facut ca in aceasta zi sa mananc doar fructe, este faptul ca nu ai voie sa pui condimente – sare, piper si zahar – ei bine aceaste trebuie sa le mananci goale simple si netratate termic. Ideea de a manca nesarat ma face sa mananc o zi intreaga doar fructe.

Ai voie de asemenea sa mananci

  • fructe proaspete, fructe coapte, uscate ( curmale, stafide, smochine, prune ) nuci, seminte in stare cruda, ( necoapte, neprajite ) fara sare.
  • Sucuri de fructe si compoturi – fara adaosuri de zahar
  • Legumele permise zilnic – cele mentinate in primele articole
  • Masline nesarate

Pentru motivul mentinat mai sus, eu aleg sa mananc fructe – nu mai mult de 2 banane pe zi, dar in rest orice fel de fructe vreau si am in casa.

Ieri de exemplu la micul dejun am avut un mar, la doua ore am manacat o banana marime medie, desi apoi am fost plecata la intoarcere am mancat un alt mar si seara la ultima masa am mancat – jumatate de banana ( jumate a mancat-o Maya ) un mar si jumatate de kiwi.

Iti spun drept ca nu ma deranjeaza sa mananc doar fructe, fiind o gama variata si imi este mult mai usor sa le mananc asa decat sa mananc legume.

Nici cu fructele confiate nu sun prietena – eu nu mananc stafide, curmale sau alte, desi cred ca le voi incerca…poate cu aceasta dieta imi voi schimba gusturile.

Acestea fiind spuse, pentru mine ziua de vitamine este dificila dar atata timp cand mananc fruncte pot spune ca este ok. In concluzie ultima zi din dieta Rina 90 este cea de vitamine, si astfel in cele 90 de zile vei repeta aceste patru zile, cu mentiunea ca sunt si zile de apa, zile in care se bea doar apa dar pe care le poti transforma in zi de vitamine daca consideri ca nu poti rezista doar cu apa.

Rina 90 – Pateuri cu ciuperci

Buna draga mea, pentru ca ieri a fost zi de carbohidrati, azi am decis sa iti arat ce am mancat si bineinteles cum se prepara ceea ce eu am avut in farfurie la masa de pranz.

Dupa cum iti spuneam in articolul de ieri, iti las link-ul aici, ziua de carbohidrati este cea mai apreciata zi din toata dieta, pentru faptul ca ai voie si de dulce. Eu la pranz am ales sa fac cateva pateuri cu ciuperci. Spun cateva pentru ca desi am facut prima data din cantitatea permisa de faina, ulterior am mai facut un rand pentru membrii familie mele.

Asa cum iti spuneam in articolul mentionat mai sus, ai voie 120 de grame de faina, atata am folosit si eu si mi-au iesit doua pateuri potrivite ca marime. Pe acestea le-am mancat eu la pranz.

Hai sa incepem, ingrediente:

  • faina – 120gr
  • drojdie – eu am pus din aceea proaspata – jumatate de cubulet
  • sare
  • apa calduta
  • ciuperci
  • marar

Nu am folosit deloc ulei, desi avem voie, eu am ales ca azi sa nu folosesc.

Mod de preparare:

Intr-un vas punem cele 120gr de faina, adaugam un praf de sare. Intr-un pahar punem apa calduta si 10gr de drojdie – sau cum am folosit eu jumatate de cubulet.

Am framanatat bine si apoi am pus aluatul rezultatul la crescut. Intre timp m-am ocupat de ciuperci. Le-am curatat si le-am taiat felii. Daca vrei sa incerci retate, le poti taie cum vrei tu, mie asa imi plac.

Le-am pus la calit intr- tigaie antiaderenta cu putina apa si le-am lasat pana s-au gatit, apoi am adaugat mararul tocat pentru gust si putina sare.

Dupa ce aluatul a crescut, am format doua bile de aluat si le-am intis, am ciupercile le-am impaturit si apoi le-am pus in aceeasi tigaie pentru a le coace. Le-am rumenit pe toate partile si dupa ce s-au racit le-am savurat cu foame si cu multa placere.

Iti spun ca pentru seara m-am stabilit meniul, voi manca o inghetata si abia astept sa o mananc si trebuie sa iti spun ca la ziua de vitamine…eu am ales sa mananc doar fructe, dar iti voi explica in urmatorul articol.