What I bought off dresslily.com

Some time ago I showed you some products on the site dresslily.com, which I want. Today is the time to show you the ordered products and tell you my opinion about them.

For $50 I purchased eight products, two blouses, a dress for Maya and some nail products. A carousel with Rhinels, transfer foils, but also four pencils with mine waxed for my little girl.

Cute Little Girl Flower Fashionable Lace Denim Dress

I’m going to start with my little girl’s dress, I like the material, it’s finished, it just doesn’t come right. In the sense that I think it’s a little short for her.

Painting Wax Crayon Educational Pen Toys 4PCS

The next product I’m going to introduce you to is a set of pencils. Four in number, and I gotta tell you, it’s really weird. In the sense that color changes. Inside are wax mines, different colors, they get out of there and they can put themselves at the top, so you can use the same favorite color pencils or you need.

  1. Golden Gilding Watermark Nail Sticker 16pcs
  2. Star Rivet Japanese Hollow Alloy Nail Decoration Jewelry 200PCS
  3. Professioanl Full Nail Salon DIY Nail Sticker
  4. Fashion DIY Decoration Nail Sticker Gold and Silver Embossed 30PCS

You already know I started making gel nails, but you know I like to do my nails, so I was so happy to see these wonders at such a good price.

Scoop Neck Slit Sleeve T-shirt

I ordered two blouses for myself, only one likes my mother so I gave it to her. I like the material, it’s overelastic, but it’s fine and hard, not that kind of plastic. Also a big plus is, the fact that it has cut sleeves.
I have a soft spot for these blouses, and I always look for them.

Plus Size Open Shoulder Lace Trim Blouse

The last product chosen is still a pink blouse, still with the sleeves cut off, only the material is different. Besides, it has a few lace details, making it pretty elegant.

These are the eight products chosen, all are quality and even if the dress for Maya is short, I like the look and even worth it.
The products on dresslily.com are good and quality, and I will definitely purchase other products on their website.

Don’t forget about the discont: DLGO20 ($30-$6,$50-$10, $80-$16, $100-$20, $150-$30, $200-$40, $300-$60)


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