What I bought from dresslily.com!

Last week, by courier, I got a very interesting package. I purchased a few things on Dresslily and because you asked me for details, well let’s talk about the chosen products.

You already know that I am online shopping fan and that is why I always choose to order what I like from different sites, today I got an interesting bag, a device for cleansing the skin and a choker, the first of its kind and definitely will follow and others .

I’m going to start telling you about the machine, because I know it’s been a little curious, that you asked me if it works, and if it’s as I promise those who advertise it.

Electric Blackhead Cleaning Remover

Let me tell you that it is very easy to use, that it does not come with the battery included, but it works with normal battery-the one for the remote control. You asked me if it works-well yes, but when the complexion has open pores, after the bath I’ve tried it myself.
I do not know if I expressed correctly, but I tested it when I received it and I did not notice anything but I tried it after I did bathe… And my face looks a lot better.

2 in 1 Faux Leather Two Tone Bucket Bag

I purchased a purse, I like the model very much, being quite roomed. He comes along with a wallet, I use it for different medications, but it can be used for everything else.

I can also tell you that the last product has conquered me as much as the first two, I will purchase other products of this kind, but I must tell you that I was running away from them, because I had the feeling that I was strained by my neck and I couldn’t breathe.

Heart Faux Pearl Rope Pendant Choker Necklace

Tell me if you took advantage of Dresslily’s Black Friday, I then ordered these products and I’m glad of them, I’m glad I made the decision to buy these products, and I’m glad I can tell you about them.

Before I say goodbye, my dear let me tell you that using the GBJKNO code, you benefit from 22% discount, on orders over 45$, stop thinking and take advantage of the discount. Today I can order your desired products easily and quickly from Dresslily.

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    Ce drăguță este geanta.Răspunde

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