Being the Most Beautiful Bride

Every bride has a wish that lingers their mind, days before her wedding. It is to be beautiful and stunning on her wedding day wearing a fantastic dress for the wedding. Wedding ceremonies are a significant occasion with lots of relatives, friends, and people to cheer. A wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of a woman’s life. This is why the bride cherishes her look and wear this special day. As wedding dresses became a very charming element of a wedding as a whole, choosing one for the bride is a pressure-filled task! Hence, it is best to surf around various options. Selecting from multiple options can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, it will be a great idea to make your choices much wider. They don’t need to be from a particular region. Foreign wedding outfits like the Chinese ones can be a great option too.

However, you might question yourself as to which one is a better choice? What are their characteristics? Which one would suit me?

Before we get into the answers, we will understand the necessity and the importance of a bride’s wedding dress:

Importance of Wedding Dress

A wedding is a very important phase of a woman’s life as she welcomes someone special into her own life. Historical reasoning claims that her freedom would be gone, and she needs to live in the company of another. She becomes a wife and her identity changes this day. Her independence and individuality blends with her life partner in co-existence. However, this day is the most memorable and golden as she will shine like one. She feels special as she would be in a strong commitment to a person. It will be a picture-perfect image that would never leave her memory for the rest of her life. For this reason, every bride wishes to be beautiful, presentable, and stunning regardless of tradition or culture. Since dresses are one of the most captivating and standing-out elements for a person in general, special wedding-dresses are worn by the bride on her most memorable day.

In modern-day tradition, white dresses have become a key element. This is because the dress must not be a representation of hierarchy or money. But various cultures and traditions worldwide have equivalently diverse styles of wedding dresses and historical reasons supporting them.

Check out the various styles of Round neck white backless butterfly sleeve, Short Puff sleeve, stand-collar, floral, retro, and off-shoulder models.

The Symbolism of a Wedding Dress

When it comes to symbolism, they all tend to be uniform, no matter the country of origin. Wedding dresses are stood-out and are considered angel-like innocence and the heart of a little girl. Her heart and mind are as pure as an angel, which she chooses to open it with hers-truly. It is a representation of pure and true love that binds the bride to the groom. A wedding carries this great and beautiful meaning. A wedding dress symbolizes this meaning, which is why they are one of the most remarkable features of a wedding ceremony.

Characteristics of Western and Chinese Wedding Outfits

Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese Wedding Dresses are red-colored, which contrasts the dresses in western tastes, styles, and looks. Along with the symbolism mentioned above, it has a deeper meaning of being a good luck charm, peace, and a happy life-long. It is a common theme for Chinese brides. Wedding dresses tend to differ slightly based on the region of the country.

Generally, the wedding outfits have these standard features:

  • Dragon embroidery
  • The colour gold
  • The colour red
  • Phoenix embroidery- Check out the Red Satin Chinese Retro Wedding Dress
  • Flowers Embroidery- Check out the Cheongsam Flowers Chinese style -Stand Collar-Opening Hem dress

Although they are generalized, they are significant in their meaning, characteristics, and symbolism. Hence, every part of the country has these basic key elements. These characteristics give the wedding dress a traditional Chinese appeal to it. Check out Two-color High opening-stand collar Hem dress and Sleeveless -Stand Collar- White Lace Embroidery models.

Elements and Colors

Even when the basic element of the dress is red, they differ in shades, hues, and red contrasts. They are widely distinguished and categorized as bright, cultural, and sacred ones. This color symbolizes delight and lots of happiness, according to ancient Chinese history. It is believed and followed even at present in China. Hence, it is used extensively in a bride’s wedding outfit. But that is not all! According to the traditional and ancient Chinese culture, red has the powered capacity to prevent spirits from haunting you and bring you good fortune. This is the reason why it is a key feature of a dress for wedding.

Coming to the design of the dress, it varies based on the region. The regions are divided into two- North China and South China. When it comes to Northern Chinese wedding outfits, they are known as Qipao. It is a frock. It is a one-piece outfit with various complements of silver and gold colours. They are beautifully embroidered and presented.

When it comes to Southern Chinese wedding dress, they contrast to the Northern ones by adding another piece. The two-piece dress is referred to as Qungua, which embellishes the lovely phoenix and dragon embroidery. The coat is specially called the Dragon-Phoenix coat’or Longfeng Kwa in Chinese. Both of them are adorable and beautiful in their meanings and symbolism.

Western Wedding Dress

Western dresses are widely different when compared to Chinese ones. The color red and gold greatly dominate Chinese outfits. However, white is the primary colour for a bride’s dress. There are many styles and ways the white color presents in a wedding dress.

  • Fishtail Wedding Dress-This type of dress has a mermaid and sea-life appeal to it. The bride looks like a pretty mermaid, having a tight-fit from her chest-area to her thighs. The rest of the dress material is spread-out with beautiful frills. The bride would look like a typical hourglass, which looks like the end of her girlhood. Check out White Sleeveless with exquisite embroidery Fishtail Dress for the wedding.
  • Peng Peng Style-This style is a beautiful and unique type of wedding dress. Peng originally means hot. It would be the number one choice if the bride would like to look fiery hot and eye-catching on her wedding day. One such example is a shiny lace-make with off shoulders in beautiful designs. Check out the Stereoscopic White elegant Flower Embroidery off shoulder lace dress for the wedding.

Which Wedding Dress You Prefer?

To select from Chinese and Western wedding dress is a bit tricky. For a traditional element, a Chinese wedding dress is preferable, while for a stylish western look, a Western wedding dress is apt. However, one can transition between the two for the entire celebration from vows to the reception. Select a unique Chinese style from the various models and western designs that appeal to you to make your feel special.


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