Lolita style shoes: A perfect piece for an incredible look

Currently, one of the trends that is beginning to take off in all corners of the world is the Lolita style, this refers to a subculture of Japanese origin with aristocratic influences from past centuries, its aesthetic mixes youthful innocence with femininity in an incredible way.

Since the 1970s it has captivated the tastes of millions of people, initially in Japan, but with the advent of technology and the massification of its culture throughout the world, the Lolita style is now a global fashion statement worn by young and old who want to experience an amazing look.

No matter what Lolita style you choose, Sweet, classic, Gothic, country, among others there is a perfect combination for you in the wide range of products offered by

An indisputable piece of the Lolita style, without a doubt, is the Lolita shoes, which manage to complement your outfit for any occasion. There is a great diversity of styles and models that you can choose from to give that personal touch you are looking for in your Lolita look.

At Lolitain, you will find the most complete and beautiful selection of shoes with the Lolita style of today.

You can choose between the Sweet Lolita Shoes, high heel platform sandals and combine them with Lolita Bows or other options that we will discuss in this article.

Cherry Blossom Shoes: What are they and how can I combine them?

In the Lolita culture, there are several options and possible combinations to complement each look, among the Sweet Lolita Shoes that have caused great sensation are the Cherry Blossom Shoes which emerge as a beautiful option for those who love cherry, its patterns and inlays allusive to this achieve an angelic and innocent aesthetic, and can be combined with the same style dresses.

Cherries are a common element in the Sweet lolita category, being one of the most requested decorations of the moment.

In addition to providing the cherry-based decorations, these shoes also possess comfortable features that make wearing them an enjoyable experience.

Some aesthetic features that provides this choice means a better appearance in terms of sweetness and feminine innocence, is a look that usually fits very well in different environments and circumstances, and much more to make a cosplay.

Some dresses that you can combine and annex with a pair of shoes of the Sweet Lolita style are:

Butterfly Embroidery Cherry Blossoms Jacquard High Collar Classic Lolita Purple Kimono

This dress is perfect to combine because it brings a lot of versatility in its design playing with geometric figures on the sleeves and in turn attached details that give a very jovial appearance with decorative elements such as flowers and butterflies, can be used with shoes of different colors, so it is a great option to combine with the Cherry Blossom Shoes playing with dark shades such as black or gray.

Cherry Blossoms Printing Japanese-style Sweet Lolita Improved Kimono

The red colored outfits are the favorite in this trend, this particular dress is a great alternative to combine with the Cherry Blossom Shoes. When dresses are of simple designs in terms of decoration and relief it is best to combine them with shoes that have a more striking and less classic design in order to create harmony in the outfit, in this particular case black, white, red shoes or even a fusion between the three colors is a great idea.

 Lace Collar Bowknot Cherry Blossoms Sweet Lolita Kimono

The Kimono is a very attractive piece in the Japanese culture, and of course, combine with Lolita style shoes is the most appropriate, the cherry is one of the most common visual elements in these clothes, usually have more connection with the red and pink. 

With this piece, Cherry Blossom shoes manage to integrate style and attitude, aesthetically it is suitable for all ages, the best thing is to combine it with shoes that have decorative details of cherry or bows which is also an alternative that brings a much more angelic and tender air.

Lolita High Heel Shoes: The perfect complement for an adorable look

A Lolita look can satisfy the highest demands with high heel platform sandals, which are perfect for every occasion; this product turns out to be very versatile and elegant to combine.

There is a great diversity of sizes and models that adapt to the needs of each person, whether in terms of colors, styles and height. You can choose from hundreds of options offered by Lolitain in its catalog.

They have features that provide great quality and comfort when walking, are ideal for women of short stature as they allow to enhance and stylize the female figure. The High Heel Shoes will always be the favorite choice of women when acquiring a pair of shoes that combine their style.

Wearing High Heel Shoes provides an elitist and sophisticated look, which combines very well with the great aristocratic influence of Lolita fashion in general.

Combining these models is not difficult, on the contrary its form adapts very well to any set, however, some dresses with cut of arch are usually the most suitable option, you can establish combinations of colors that cause a great contrast as black tones with pink, light blue, and white.

The best combination for black heel high lovely PU round toe cross straps platform Lady Lolita shoes.To combine these beautiful shoes, the best alternative is a short dress that allows to give greater prominence to the height provided by this model, allowing these fashionable reaching a very appropriate look.

For these Heel High Shoes the best option to combine it is with:

If you want a sweeter style; these option to consider:

You can combine them with:

These combinations manage to perpetuate the Lolita trend in people’s taste, a very jovial and innocent appearance can be the perfect choice for those special moments.  If you want to use them in an evening, dark tones are the most appropriate choice

Lolita meruru shoes: A charming complement for your outfit

One of the most used Lolita style shoes, are undoubtedly those with round head made of leather materials. Their great style has managed to captivate the taste of thousands of people around the planet.

They are perhaps the most comfortable and utilitarian of the Lolita style, their casual look with sophisticated touches gives an elegant and angelic touch which has catapulted them into the preferences of consumers.

They are extremely versatile and charming, they are timeless so they can be used by women of any age, causing the same aesthetic effect on anyone.

Over the years, these shoes have been positioned in the minds of consumers and are often confused with Mery Jane models, can be categorized as a link between Lolita and traditional fashion.

Dark colors are an excellent option, since they usually combine with practically all the colors of your wardrobe. If you have a long day, Lolita Meruru shoes are the ally you’ve been waiting for.

In Lolitain there is a great catalog of these products, where you can choose the one you like.

If you want to combine quickly, here we show you two quite common, modern and elegant alternatives.

Option 1:

·         Round-toe Cute Cat Ears Bowknot Sweet Lolita Shoes

These shoes of classic appearance, are very durable and can be combined with diversity of garments, particularly they are ideal for casual meetings in open places, its combination with this dress of classic cut is very usual in the Lolita culture, in addition, they are complemented very well with the decorative elements in common.

Option 2:

·         College Style Black Leather Lolita mid Heel Shoes  

·         Criss-cross Sailor Collar College Style Lolita JSK – Morningstar Idol Academy by Souffle Song

This short flared dress combines very well with these shoes, which along with long socks, will give a youthful and sophisticated touch, achieving a perfect balance in terms of color and style, an excellent option to consider.

The round tips and their decorative lace accessories have been used for centuries with beautiful dresses that perfectly complement the lolita look more suited to your personality .

Lolita Meruru shoes in light tones, should be combined with related tones such as blue, pink, red, yellow and white to match and not generate visual distortion, to differences from those in black or brown tones that combine very well with any garment you choose.

Once you understand the characteristics of the Lolita culture or fashion, you will be able to establish the best combinations for each occasion.

You must take into account the importance of synchronizing and contrasting colors, models or trends, a Lolita style shoe will be the perfect ally to enhance the beauty and femininity of women.

The Lolita culture captivates more and more people in the five continents and in you will find the most exclusive and varied collection of styles and models to achieve the perfect look.

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