Wear high heels and feel good

Hi my dear, we are official mid-year and we are moving quite quickly towards the other half of the year and that is why I think we have to step with the right shoes.

I think it is important to enjoy what the future holds and to wear beautiful quality shoes that change our mood.

Of course you’ll say that heeled shoes are uncomfortable and you’re right but today I found some interesting models while I was looking for sexy shoes, I’ll show you what caught my attention and invite you to tell me your opinion of my choices.

I’ll admit that for me they’re too high and I don’t think I can go on such sandals, but I can’t help it and I always dream that at some point I’ll have the strength to wear them and I’ll walk gracefully, not like a rate in shoes as I walk in the present. I think these shoes are for those women who know how to wear them and who look very good on them even though they have walked a long way and are tired.

Also in the category of sexy lessons I thought and sexy heels, as graceful as those presented above are and what below, but still in the same vein you must know to be able to such shoes, only so you will have the desired effect and you will not make a fool of yourself.

I like these shoes because they’re elegant, I like that back bow and I admit I’d wear them with love. I also like the ankle bar, gives them a special elegance and makes them special. I believe that if you can go with heels you have to do it in a big style, enjoy the wide range and choose different types of heel.

That said, I invite you to visit the store and see what amazing products they have, to tell me what you think about my choices and whether you can wear heels. I for one have focused on sports shoes but I think it is never too late to change direction and wear elegant or heeled shoes.

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