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Hi my dear, time seems to be flying and we are already approaching the end of the year, it is simply another year and it is all about that and less about what matters. 

One way or another I think this passage of time and the lack of empathy and joy for what we have is added to the current situation, when everything is bleak and is limited only to figures. It’s like little matters to the person themselves.. It’s just a graph and a schematic that shows this lack of affection for the one next to us. 

I could also say that we have earned our weight and that we no longer care about our neighbor but only what we and that we must be well. But although it is a subject that needs to be debated and quite interesting I today want to talk about something else, but which in one way or another has somewhat direct connection with the current situation

Many of us have focused on online shopping and that is why I am looking for new online stores that can provide us with a wide range of products, perfect for purchasing several products from the same place. In short, something like a Mall but in the online environment. 

1. New users can directly get $10 for universal.

    US$20 off on US$300

    US$25 off on US$500

    US$40 off on US$1000

2. Kameymall has lots of prmotion, discount and flash sale activities from time to time.



reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kameymall/


In our help come the people from Kameymall, it is exactly as I said above, in the mall in the online environment that provides us with a lot of products. I had the opportunity to browse (so to speak) the site and I can say that I found many interesting products and at prices quite ok. 

Because I am the kind of person who likes to know where to buy from and of course I learned what I have to check the return policy of the store, I looked at the bottom but also at the different pages attached to the site. 

What caught my attention and why I ended up writing to you about it, is that at about us you can find a pretty detailed history. With useful information that can help you make a decision. Specifically the decision of whether to order or not. I for one have read and noticed that they are quite transparent, and for this on my part they have a big plus. 

It is important from my point of view that the one who has an online store, either small or large, has a transparency and the desire to be fair. We already know that many times the parcels are lost on the way to the destination, but unfortunately it is not the merchant’s fault because he, out of the desire to be fair and to make that customer come back, he sends the parcels. But once out the door of the store, he has no guarantee that everyone who gets in touch with that package will behave with it in the same way. 

You can also find useful information on the page blog.kameymall.com here you will find as many interesting things as on about us, I for one have recently started to read these pages, because I often find interesting ideas on how you can combine different items of clothing but also what is worn this season. I think it is important that when choosing to order from the online environment to take into account this aspect as well. To be sure you know what store it’s all about, about return policy. 

That being said, in pandemic conditions and not only I think it’s important to know where we’re buying different things from and to always have a backup and always buy what we need so we don’t get even worse demoralized. Choose with confidence and enjoy every day because time passes quickly and in the future we may regret that we did not do it in time. 

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