De ce punem grau de Sfantul Andrei?

Azi ma simt de parca as fi dormit si cand m-am trezit anul a trecut pe langa mine…ma simt de parca totul s-a dus cat am clipit si ca nimic important nu s-a intamplat. Azi in data de 29 noiembrie descopar ca mai este putin si vine luna decembrie si implicit sfarsitul anului.

Luna Noiembrie este o luna ciudata totusi una destul de important din punct de vedere al traditiilor. Azi in data de 29 noiembrie se pune grau la incoltit.

Imi aduc aminte de aceasta supersitite inca din vremea copilariei, stiu ca mama mea si tatal meu cumparau grau si se pregateau cu recipiente din timp. Azi a venit vremea sa fac si eu asta cu fetita mea.

Hai totusi sa vorbim despre ce inseamna. Potrivit strabunilor, graul este considerat simbol al belsugului, al prosperitatii, deci..ideea de grau incoltit acolo duce.

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Looks fabulous with Hexinfashion

Hi my dear, today is the time to talk about new wonderful outfits, and because it is advisable to focus on online shopping, I decided to come to your aid with some interesting and colorful outfits, only good for what follows.

The month of December comes fast, so the month when, no matter the situation, we want to look good, to wear the right clothes for this season, especially since we have a few holidays that simply require the right outfits.

Today this is the first category, sexy sweater dress is from here I will present you an amazing model and at the same time I will invite you to visit the store and tell me what your opinion about the models available on the site.

I can tell you that these dresses seem special to me, simply easy to match, also can be worn so on a special occasion, but also in everyday life. It is important only to know what you want, to choose the right dress and the right accessory, having these things, the rest is a piece of cake.

I will present you the category, wholesale plus size clothing, because I usually look at this category, primarily because the accumulated kilos are noticeable, and I find it impossible to choose a dress that falls into another category. From here I’ll show you the same model, and let you figure out the rest.

The two models are amazing and unique in their own way, yet you must know that on HexinFashion you will find wonderful clothes, accessories as expected, but also a lot of other things, you just have to devote the necessary time to browse the site and of course if you want to wear one of the marvels available on the site, order them in advance, because that’s the only way they will arrive in time.

That said, tell me what you think of my choices. I invite you on the site to tell me what other products you like, I now leave you in the company of wonderful clothes at affordable prices.

Is Wholesale 7 a serious site?

Hi my dear, we’re going through a pretty difficult and strange time, but that doesn’t mean we have to get knocked down but that we have to act in such a way that everything is fine. I for example try every day to do things that I like, so today I want to talk to you about Wholesale 7, an online store with a lot of clothing at affordable prices.

I chose to talk about this store, because we often wonder if a particular online store is serious, if orders arrive and if it is worth placing an order. Today I want to tell you about my experience with this store and therefore prove to you that they are serious.

On the site you can find interesting clothes at affordable prices. I arrived on the site after some searches for clothes for my little girl, ever since kindergarten started I have to provide her with the necessary, although… I must admit that he has now spent more time at home than going to kindergarten, as is normal. I searched the cheap clothing site and so I find superb clothes at good prices and even if I wait a little longer I can then enjoy wonderful clothes.

I can tell you that it has caught my attention and the wide range of accessories available on the site, primarily because I am a big fan of bracelets and earrings, and I always look for new and unique models that can take out of anonymity an outfit. Also let me tell you that on the site you will find besides children’s clothes, clothing for the whole family, but also products for the house.

A set that caught my attention is this, butterflies are wonderful and I like earrings of this, that’s why I admit that my price is very low and for a set astel is quite attractive.
In conclusion, from my point of view Wholesale 7 is a serious online store, a site where you can find amazing products at affordable prices, and where you can buy a wide range suitable for the whole family but also for the home.

Being the Most Beautiful Bride

Every bride has a wish that lingers their mind, days before her wedding. It is to be beautiful and stunning on her wedding day wearing a fantastic dress for the wedding. Wedding ceremonies are a significant occasion with lots of relatives, friends, and people to cheer. A wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of a woman’s life. This is why the bride cherishes her look and wear this special day. As wedding dresses became a very charming element of a wedding as a whole, choosing one for the bride is a pressure-filled task! Hence, it is best to surf around various options. Selecting from multiple options can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, it will be a great idea to make your choices much wider. They don’t need to be from a particular region. Foreign wedding outfits like the Chinese ones can be a great option too.

However, you might question yourself as to which one is a better choice? What are their characteristics? Which one would suit me?

Before we get into the answers, we will understand the necessity and the importance of a bride’s wedding dress:

Importance of Wedding Dress

A wedding is a very important phase of a woman’s life as she welcomes someone special into her own life. Historical reasoning claims that her freedom would be gone, and she needs to live in the company of another. She becomes a wife and her identity changes this day. Her independence and individuality blends with her life partner in co-existence. However, this day is the most memorable and golden as she will shine like one. She feels special as she would be in a strong commitment to a person. It will be a picture-perfect image that would never leave her memory for the rest of her life. For this reason, every bride wishes to be beautiful, presentable, and stunning regardless of tradition or culture. Since dresses are one of the most captivating and standing-out elements for a person in general, special wedding-dresses are worn by the bride on her most memorable day.

In modern-day tradition, white dresses have become a key element. This is because the dress must not be a representation of hierarchy or money. But various cultures and traditions worldwide have equivalently diverse styles of wedding dresses and historical reasons supporting them.

Check out the various styles of Round neck white backless butterfly sleeve, Short Puff sleeve, stand-collar, floral, retro, and off-shoulder models.

The Symbolism of a Wedding Dress

When it comes to symbolism, they all tend to be uniform, no matter the country of origin. Wedding dresses are stood-out and are considered angel-like innocence and the heart of a little girl. Her heart and mind are as pure as an angel, which she chooses to open it with hers-truly. It is a representation of pure and true love that binds the bride to the groom. A wedding carries this great and beautiful meaning. A wedding dress symbolizes this meaning, which is why they are one of the most remarkable features of a wedding ceremony.

Characteristics of Western and Chinese Wedding Outfits

Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese Wedding Dresses are red-colored, which contrasts the dresses in western tastes, styles, and looks. Along with the symbolism mentioned above, it has a deeper meaning of being a good luck charm, peace, and a happy life-long. It is a common theme for Chinese brides. Wedding dresses tend to differ slightly based on the region of the country.

Generally, the wedding outfits have these standard features:

  • Dragon embroidery
  • The colour gold
  • The colour red
  • Phoenix embroidery- Check out the Red Satin Chinese Retro Wedding Dress
  • Flowers Embroidery- Check out the Cheongsam Flowers Chinese style -Stand Collar-Opening Hem dress

Although they are generalized, they are significant in their meaning, characteristics, and symbolism. Hence, every part of the country has these basic key elements. These characteristics give the wedding dress a traditional Chinese appeal to it. Check out Two-color High opening-stand collar Hem dress and Sleeveless -Stand Collar- White Lace Embroidery models.

Elements and Colors

Even when the basic element of the dress is red, they differ in shades, hues, and red contrasts. They are widely distinguished and categorized as bright, cultural, and sacred ones. This color symbolizes delight and lots of happiness, according to ancient Chinese history. It is believed and followed even at present in China. Hence, it is used extensively in a bride’s wedding outfit. But that is not all! According to the traditional and ancient Chinese culture, red has the powered capacity to prevent spirits from haunting you and bring you good fortune. This is the reason why it is a key feature of a dress for wedding.

Coming to the design of the dress, it varies based on the region. The regions are divided into two- North China and South China. When it comes to Northern Chinese wedding outfits, they are known as Qipao. It is a frock. It is a one-piece outfit with various complements of silver and gold colours. They are beautifully embroidered and presented.

When it comes to Southern Chinese wedding dress, they contrast to the Northern ones by adding another piece. The two-piece dress is referred to as Qungua, which embellishes the lovely phoenix and dragon embroidery. The coat is specially called the Dragon-Phoenix coat’or Longfeng Kwa in Chinese. Both of them are adorable and beautiful in their meanings and symbolism.

Western Wedding Dress

Western dresses are widely different when compared to Chinese ones. The color red and gold greatly dominate Chinese outfits. However, white is the primary colour for a bride’s dress. There are many styles and ways the white color presents in a wedding dress.

  • Fishtail Wedding Dress-This type of dress has a mermaid and sea-life appeal to it. The bride looks like a pretty mermaid, having a tight-fit from her chest-area to her thighs. The rest of the dress material is spread-out with beautiful frills. The bride would look like a typical hourglass, which looks like the end of her girlhood. Check out White Sleeveless with exquisite embroidery Fishtail Dress for the wedding.
  • Peng Peng Style-This style is a beautiful and unique type of wedding dress. Peng originally means hot. It would be the number one choice if the bride would like to look fiery hot and eye-catching on her wedding day. One such example is a shiny lace-make with off shoulders in beautiful designs. Check out the Stereoscopic White elegant Flower Embroidery off shoulder lace dress for the wedding.

Which Wedding Dress You Prefer?

To select from Chinese and Western wedding dress is a bit tricky. For a traditional element, a Chinese wedding dress is preferable, while for a stylish western look, a Western wedding dress is apt. However, one can transition between the two for the entire celebration from vows to the reception. Select a unique Chinese style from the various models and western designs that appeal to you to make your feel special.

De unde poti cumpara ceara de epilat de calitate

Multe fete isi pun problema urmatoare: unde pot gasi ceara epilat de calitate? Epilatul este, cel mai probabil, cel mai utilizat si solicitat procedeu de infrumusetare, prin eliminarea pilozitatii nedorite de pe corp. Iar ceara ramane printre favoritele doamnelor din intreaga lume. Daca va aflati in postura in care nu (mai) stiti de unde sa va achizitionati ceara sau produse pentru epilare la domiciliu, iata o sugestie demna de luat in considerare: este shop-ul online care iti pune la dispozitie cea mai variata gama de accesorii pentru epilat, la cel mai bun raport calitate – pret care exista pe piata autohtona.

Care sunt cele mai basic accesorii pe care trebuie sa le detii, in arsenalul personal de infrumusetare? Daca esti fana a epilatului cu ceara, atunci trebuie musai sa ai urmatoarele:

  • Un incalzitor de ceara (sau mai multe, in functie de modelul preferat). Rolul acestui dispozitiv, care merge pe baza de curent electric, este de a incalzi ceara la temperatura optima pentru corp si de a o topi pana cand poate fi utilizata pentru procesul de epilare in sine. Este simplu de manuit, pentru ca el face toata treaba pentru tine.
  • Rezerve ceara: poti opta pentru ceara traditionala, perle de ceara, ceara rece si asa mai departe. Important este ca stocul tau sa fie mereu pe plus. Nu iti face griji, ceara nu expira asa repede, deci poti sa te bucuri de ea chiar si pe perioade lungi de timp. Alege toate produsele care iti plac sau care sepotrivesc tipului tau de piele.
  • Ceara (in cazul in care nu este ceara rece sau pasta de zahar), fiind fierbinte, se aplica doar cu ajutorul spatulelor din lemn – niste accesorii special create pentru acest proces. Desi se pot folosi pana la un anumit numar de epilari, trebuie retinut ca ele sunt consumabile si trebuie reinnoite, macar o data la cateva luni.
  • Hartie pentru indepartat ceara. Si acestea intra la categoria consumabilelor, deoarece o astfel de hartie se poate folosi doar o singura data.
  • Nu in ultimul rand, nu uitati de un ulei calmant sau servetele imbibate in ulei. Acestea ajuta la curatarea pielii de resturi de ceara, dar si la calmarea acesteia (epilatul poate provoca o usoara iritatie sau inrosire a pielii, care in mod normal dispare dupa un timp).

Acestea sunt cele mai basic accesorii pe care ar trebui sa le detii, daca iti doresti sa te epilezi ca la salon. Cu ajutorul produselor, poti sa te bucuri de rezultate profesionale direct din confortul casei. Nu este greu deloc sa te epilezi pe cont propriu, trebuie doar sa iti dai timp sa capeti putina dexteritate si vei vedea ca, dupa un anumit timp, lucrurile pur si simplu vor decurge de la sine. Nu uita ca gasesti tot ce iti trebuie pe site-ul celor de la, care este lider in distributia celor mai profesionale produse pentru epilare cu ceara. Daca nu ai avut pana acum tangente cu produsele lor, atunci merita sa le acorzi o sansa, pentru ca merita.

Look perfect with a nice dress from Ever-Pretty

Hello my dear, today is a perfect day to present you a new online store. Today I want to tell you from what store you can buy amazing dresses for different events. About E I have all ready told you but today I want to present you nice dresses for prom. 

Because you already know that I’m a plus size girl I want to show you burgundy bridesmaid dresses , after I have search for this expression I have remember that on this website I can find the dress I need. 

I believe is important to know what do you want and this I the reason I present you this website, because here I have see nice dresses and if you search a special type you can find it here. I also want to tell you that if you look after bridesmaid dresses you will also find this online store, because they have good models for a wedding. 

By you need to know this aspect about one order form here. It arrives in 15-25 days. So if you want to look perfect on a weeding or any event that take place this months ( per exemple) you will not received the order în time. You need to make the order with one months avans, just to be sure that you will received the pacheage. 

I want to tell you that you will also find long evening dresses and more interesting models. You only need to find and look for the right model. I like this online store because I have found nice products at good price. 

So if you want to look amazing just make a virtual visit on Ever-Pretty online store and choice the perfect dress for you event. I like some models form here and I will show you my favorite dresses and also I will ask you to tell me what model do you like most. 

Perfect body with Shapellx

The summer is here but tell me what we do when we don’t look în our best way? Today my darling I want to talk to you about one product that will help you to look great. I want to tell you one secret and I must tell you that you can tell everyone my secret, this time I won’t be mad at you. 

So… Let’s start. I know that is the season when most of event happen and because we all want to look good I can tell you that using the best waist shaper you will look perfect in the dress you choice. 

I know that all women dream at the perfect body, but tell me what we have to do if we don’t have it? It’s hard to lose weight but if you really want you can do it, but if you need to look perfect at one event you can choice this product, if you are a plus size girl you can find plus size waist and thigh trainer

I’m a plus size girl and I must admit that when I really need to look good I choice this product, it gives me confident and make my smiley more. I don’t want to be unhappy because I have a few extra pounds and I know that is a solution for the moment but when you want to look perfect you can apply to

So my dear now you know my secret and I all ready told you that I won’t be mad at you if you share with the world the news and let me know your opinion about this type of products. 

I believe that if you want to look good at one event you can use this one, it makes you feel pretty and the dress you want will look amazing on you. 

So just don’t think to much and choice to look amazing when you need, buy from Shapellx the right waist shaper for you and tell me all about that event you will use it 

The most important day is your wedding day.

Hello my darling today I want to talk to you about the most important day in a womens life. I know that you will think that the day you become mother is but before that we can talk about wedding. 

My dear yes, I believe that one of the most important day in our life is the wedding day, in this day you have to look perfect and you have to choice the perfect dress for you.

Today I want to show you one interesting online store. An online website from where you can buy beautiful dresses for different ocassion. 

Here i have found mismatched bridesmaid dresses, beautiful models that will make your bridesmaid to look perfect. 

I know that on your wedding the most important is your dress but believe me if your bridesmaid is not felling good you will not be very happy.

This is one model but you can find one the webstore more amazing models that will fit perfect with you wedding plan of color. 

I know that all the bride want to choice the dresses and the color for the bridesmaid dress, but believe me that you can get rid of a problem and you can have all your bridesmaid happy. 

Because I want to show you one model I will let the photo here, and also I will invite you to visit the online store, because it imposibile to not find the perfect model for you. 

I really like this one. The color you can choice what you want. Because on the page that present you more details to this model, you will find different color and you can make it the size you need.

Also you must know that on each model you pick you will find all the details you need. You will find info about the fabric, about any details you need, if the model have something attache, anything you need you will find on the website. By the way you need to know that an order arrive în 15 days, so if you want to buy amazing dresses for you bridesmaid you need to know this aspect.

This are my choices i must admit that I really l live this online store, here I have found amazing dresses, at good price and I really like that with there help you can made the perfect dresses for your friends. Also you can have the dress the color you like. This is most important, also important is the fact that you can make the dresses different.

Now my dear you can visit the website and tell me what do you like most. You will find on the website different models and if you like one don’t hesited and order the perfect dresses. You will be amazing and you bridesmaid will look perfect. 

Tell me what do you like most and tell me what color do you choice for your wedding.

Kisses my darling, I hope you are fine and I hope you will like my post 

You can look perfect on you wedding Day

Hello my dear. Today on the first day of the week I want to talk to you about something important. I want to ask you if when you was a little girl you dream at you wedding dress. Because I must admit that I do. And because I have dream at my wedding dress I want to talk to you about this subject. 

Is the perfect period to talk about that. In this season of special event. I have found a beautiful webstore with amazing dresses perfect for this ocasion. I want to ask you before I begin to present you what dress I like. What type of dresses do you prefer: the princess type, the mermaid, or that short one. 

I like the classic one. That dress simple but special for wedding days. That one that look so pretty but elegant. Because I don’t know how to explain it to you very well I will show you.

Tell me something did you dream at your wedding Day? Were do you want to be? I must admit that I would like to be on the beach. But in our country îs dificult to do that. But i want to show you a beautiful beach wedding dresses, I love this one and it fits great to a beautiful day on the beach with all the people you love and want. A nice sunset and you când hear the wave… What can I say… Just perfect, right?

I really like this dress

I really like this type of dress. I love it is easy to wear and you can feel very good wear it. I also like this one, the same beach wedding dresses category because about this I want to talk to you today. And I must admit that I really love it and it can be wear at any party on the beach.

So tell me what do you think about mu choice? Do you like it? I must tell you that you can find the size you need and also that you need to check the size chart to be sure that you choice the right one. I also need to tell you that on the webstore you will fine more intersting models and that you will find all the details you need to know about the model and the fabric on the page that present the dress.

So this two are my choices now I want to invite to visit the website to tell me what kind of dresses you like and what do you want. Please also tell me what do you dream about your wedding. Also tell me if you had you wedding, tell me how it was. 

I really like this type of dresses i believe that you need to wear the right dress at you wedding. And this model is perfect for me and for my siluet. So don’t wait any more and visit the online store and tell me what do you like.

De ce ai nevoie de spirt medicinal Mona

Dezinfectarea uneltelor de manichiura si a instrumentelor medicale sunt unele dintre etapele procesarii obligatorii a echipamentelor dintr-un salon de infrumusetare sau dintr-o unitate medicala. Aceasta procedura este necesara si este reglementata de norme sanitare. Indiferent daca manichiura este facuta intr-un salon de infrumusetare sau acasa, sterilizarea si dezinfectarea instrumentelor poate fi facuta cu Mona spirt.  Dezinfectarea uneltelor de manichiura si a instrumentelor medicale sau chiar casnice, se realizeaza in fiecare salon de infrumusetare care se respecta, dar si acasa, iar in ceea ce priveste unitatile medicale acestea stiu ca pentru a evita un focar de infectie este necesar un dezinfectant care poate fi si spirt Mona. Aceasta este o procedura obligatorie, a carei neglijare poate atrage un pericol grav atat pentru lucratori, cat si pentru client sau pacient. Un instrument de manichiura trebuie tratat la fel ca unul medical. Acesta vine in contact cu pielea, si uneori cu sangele (in caz de taiere).

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